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The Panther -

 The Panther is a personal creative project with an aim to study Yeti plug-in for Maya.

Creature started with a Zbrush sculpt, next switching to Maya for modelling, groom, look-dev, lighting and rendering using Arnold engine.
Texturing using Substance Painter and Photoshop. Compositing in Nuke.
All aspects done by me, including concept art and design.

It was fun to work with Yeti and the project as a whole was an amazing learning experience.

Some of the Reference images used for this project:


Some of the Reference images used for this project:


 Here are a few of the steps along my journey of creating the creature groom.

It went through a lot of changes along the way. For example:
Initially the ‘mane’ was more defined and rather stylized, but later I decided to go with a more messy and natural look.
The tail as well, first version had longer hair, but later it became clear that shorter tail hair worked much better

(also closer to my initial concepts).

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