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Photogrammetry -

Photogrammetry is a way of creating accurate digital copies of physical objects and the environment through the way of photography or laser scanning.

It is also an area that has always been extremely interesting and fascinating to me, which is why I love creating my own photogrammetry models.

Project 3.

Tried something bit more interesting this time. I created this point cloud of Adidas Ultraboost sneaker and published this interactive version on PointBox website. Now it can actually be moved around live online! Honestly this stuff is awesome. PointBox link here.

Used a Iphone XS Camera for taking the photos.


Photogrammetry of a sneaker using a iPhone Xs camera. I used a quilted pattern cloth as it is supposed to assist the Software in tracking and making sense of the information.

Overall this was an interesting test, as it produced more detail than expected, but at the same time would still need lots of further work in sculpting and texturing. However could still be useful decimated as a background element.

Project 2.

Sculpture from a London park, done using Reality Capture, Zbrush, Maya, Arnold and Composited in Nuke.

Photography captured using a Canon EOS 600D camera.

Some of the raw photos used:

Raw mesh in Zbrush:


Project 1.

Forest done using Reality Capture, Zbrush, Maya, Arnold and Composited in Nuke. Used a Iphone XS Camera.

Blank diffuse render with a Displacement map created from the Photogrammetry model. The bushes are made of flat 3D Planes with Diffuse and Alpha maps.

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