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Freelancer Spreadsheet analyzing app.

 As my first coding project I wrote this simple program that takes a

freelancer work oriented Open Office Spreadsheet file and returns

some interesting graphs and pie charts about it, like:

  1. Number of days worked in given Financial Year.

  2. Longest consecutive booking.

  3. Days worked from home and on-site.

  4. Amount of bookings for each Studio.

  5. Work types overview in %.

  6. Monthly profits.

  7. Frequency of bookings for each day of the month.

  8. Frequency of bookings for each day of the week.

Written in Python, pandas and matplotlib. GUI created in Tkinter.

Spreadsheet template and guidelines, as well as the code can be

found on my GitHub.

Get FreePlots here:



As I work on Windows, it has not been tested on other OS.

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